Small Luxury Hotels of the World App Reviews

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Does not load.

Spins. Server down or something. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted. Use their web site.

An Afterthought

With this app, you can create an SLH account, but you can't log-in if you already have an account. The mobile web site is far better. Don't waste your time with this joke of an app.


I have no idea why SLH has this app and didnt update it since ages. It is full of errors and completely useless.

Without login, it's impersonal

Been a member of SLH, but cannot login. Would be nice to be able to log in an track membership details

Wow. Only sign in, no log in.

Is it a beta version?

How to login ?

As another reviewer said, you can sign up to be a member, but I've been one for years and can see no way to login..

Great hotels, but how does a member log in?

I can find no way to log in as a member. Otherwise site seems to work fine

Terrible app

Every time l open this app it crashes, unbelievable!!!!

Luxury it is not

The SLH team really needs to fix All of the issues with this app. Bugs abound, and it crashes all the time.

Great Hotels, awful app

I stayed in one of the listed hotels in New Zealand. It was amazing and membership in SLH saved me $$, but their app is awful, with pictures obscuring text rendering it nonfunctional.

Crashes. It's Unusable.

Last update was in 2013 for iOS 6. Why is the company bothering to promote this app in their emails?

Constantly Crashing

Lovely site, but it cannot be said enough .... It constantly crashes. Major engineering fix it desperately needed.


Keeps crashing after navigating through app. Would be very nice app if it stopped crashing.




Just downloaded. Crashed 5 times in the same # of minutes! Crashing EVERYTIME I search! #fail #delete

Mediocre at best

Constantly crashes. Impossible to book. Nice layout, though. It has potential if they fix it.

Booking function does not work

Efforts to enter data get popupa

Booking doesn't work

The booking option is there but doesn't work. Please fix


Pitiful excuse for an App - constantly crashes - pictures incredibly slow to load - very disappointing


Great app! Not sure why it was rated low. Worked fine for me!

Keeps crashing

Pictures take a long time to load and the app keeps crashing.

Not working

The app looks so good, and I am a big fan of SLH but the app keeps on crashing!! It is not working at all.. Please fix it..

Good and informative

I do not use it much, but still couple of times I found good hotel via this app

Great App

Not sure why this has such a low rating. Both ratings listed are high and this is a great app for finding member hotels.


Nice app for the best hotels on the planet.

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